“RehmTech was very instrumental in moving our data warehouse efforts forward here at Mutual of Omaha. For the past 10-15 years various efforts had been made at organizing our data, but to no avail. Generally these efforts were solely I/S or IT driven with sparse Business Analyst (BA) involvement. When I explained this situation to Clay he suggested a course of action that resulted in funding for what we call the ‘Individual Financial Services (IFS) Operational Data Store (ODS)’ project. We now have a methodology and repeatable process in place for modeling and populating data tables for use by the end user community. The IFS ODS data platform is easy to use and has created many opportunities to implement streamlined business processes and solutions. The Methodology for our implementation was critical. Project organization required equal involvement by I/S and BA team members. In fact, for the year 2000 the IFS ODS is weighted heavier on the BA side than I/S. The BA’s have taken on a greater role in the data modeling arena. This has allowed the I/S team members to focus on necessary technical issues. Without Rehm’s involvement I am confident that this project would not have progressed to where it is today (over a year later).”

Rex Pruitt, HIA – Manager, IFS IM

Mutual of Omaha

“Clay was instrumental in the success of the ‘Message of Value’ project – this project was a key deliverable for a very high level corporate project that had the attention of everyone from the front-line sales reps, to the CEO, to the Board of Directors. We were waiting for a quick resolution to some systems issues that were seriously delaying the project. Clay saved the organization from a possible disaster! We had made promises to customers across the country and now we were in a position where we thought we were not going to be able to deliver. He was called in from a business trip in Washington D.C. because he was the only one we could count on to bring the project back on track. As is typical for Clay, he delivered the system flawless and ahead of schedule!”.

“The data warehouse that Clay built for the organization was critical for us to get at customer information that was spread out all over the place. Pulling this information together in a manageable way saved me hours and hours of time that I had previously spent going from area to area and aggregating on a manual basis. Clay was driving these types of projects before most organizations knew the term data warehouse!”

Sandi Daniel – Director, Lending Marketing Services

CUNA Mutual Group

“I was the executive sponsor for major projects to create a membership database and to automate the enrollment process for our health insurance programs. We hired Clay to be the Project Manager and to lead these projects. These projects were completed on time, on budget, and the results exceeded our wildest expectations. Clay’s work, knowledge, dedication and ability to work well with his team and others were the primary reasons that these projects were so successful. When issues arose, Clay always had a creative way of resolving them. When other demands in our department pulled some of his team away from the project, Clay found ways to replace those resources or redouble his own workload and was thereby able meet the project deadlines. In his position as Project Manager, he needed to work not only with our department’s internal IT resources, but also with department senior managers, our insurance plan partners, and our employer clients. He handled these responsibilities professionally, and was widely respected and accepted in all of these interactions.

I highly recommend Clay and RehmTech. His expertise, dedication, and creativity will certainly ensure the success of any project in which he is involved”

Tom Korpady – Administrator of Insurance Services

State of Wisconsin